AIoT video systems from Bosch deliver the Power to Predict, are built on trust, and support sustainable business practices. Harnessing the Power to Predict requires making good and efficient use of the rich and versatile video data generated by video systems. The key to this is combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Internet of Things (IoT), something that Bosch has embraced since the trend first emerged.

All our AIoT products, like cameras, are offered with AI as a built-in standard. Our AIoT products add sense and structure to video data. Their AI capabilities enable them to understand what they’re seeing and to add meaning to captured video with metadata. To support informed decisions, we offer AIoT software that is capable of consolidating and augmenting data from multiple sensors, like video cameras. This enables users to establish a decision centre using software to give them a single, clear dashboard that makes identification of unforeseen, unwanted or future situations faster and more intuitive and reliable. Enabling a response before potential situations occur.

Sustainability is fundamental to our thinking. Our trusted, leading technology is designed to support sustainable business, such as the Green Way promise, that ensures our solutions are designed to maximize convenience and minimize costly on-site visits, effectively reducing travel and CO2 emissions. All Bosch cameras support remote configuration, management, and planning. This approach minimizes the number of commutes, resulting in sustainable business practices that are economically viable, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly.

All our solutions are designed around customer needs. They can be trusted to deliver the right levels of performance, durability, and security by design for absolute peace of mind.