The benefits of BlueKee over legacy identification systems include:

• Reduced Data Copies: By utilising BlueKee, fewer duplicates of your identity documents and data are dispersed, minimising their exposure.
• Heightened Security: Embracing digital identity lessens the chances of identity theft and fraudulent activities, ensuring a safer digital experience.
• Controlled Information Sharing: BlueKee curbs the excessive sharing of personal details, enhancing your privacy.
• Empowerment: Employing a digital identity reinstates your authority over your personal information, granting you more control.

BlueKee provides scalable and cost-effective identity verification, giving businesses the assurance that the person they are interacting with is who they say they are. It is easily integrated into existing systems through our open APIs, simplifying processes and speeding up transactions.

Use cases for BlueKee include:

• Workforce and visitor management: BlueKee ensures that people accessing your site are robustly identified, mitigating the risk of physical access credential sharing without the need for costly biometric reader infrastructure.
• Remote verification: for call centres, service providers, or any organisation that needs to identify people over the phone.
• Age-restricted premises: BlueKee allows you to verify that a person is over a given age without the need to share any additional information.

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