CCTV Camera Weaknesses

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When it comes to camera weaknesses – distortions, noise, blur, inability to handle backlight, poor colour rendition, digital rebuild artefacts – which is the least desirable?

Blur is the least desirable camera quality but it’s caused by multiple factors making it the hardest weakness to nail down and to avoid. Blur most often comes down to slow shutter speeds – 1/60th of a second is a reasonably good compromise for low light and management of blur. If you chose typical defaults of 1/25th of-a-second then once light levels reach a certain level you’ll lose faces, while plates will have gone by the wayside an hour earlier.

Frankly, if criminals keep moving in some applications, many cameras will fail to snare court admissible imagery. Even good cameras are unlikely to get a running face on the street in sub 10 lux. You can go for faster shutter speeds but there’s a trade-off in noise and loss of light signal. ♦


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